Van Gogh Vodka Pairing: Gilligan’s Waterfront Bar & Restaurant

Tuesday night we attended our first ever “Vodka Pairing”.  The event was held at Gilligan’s Waterfront Bar & Restaurant in Lewes, DE.  The five course meal was not only paired with Van Gogh Vodka flavors, but each dish was uniquely crafted to include Vodka in the recipe.  Chef Cheryl cooked and presented five of the most delicious entrees (and dessert!) that we have ever had.  The patented 6-8 week double infusion method used to distill Van Gogh Vodka creates flavors that have more body and less bite than competing brands.

The dinner began at 6pm and ended right on schedule at 8pm!  There will be another event held in November – “like” us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for more details!

Specialty Drink: Pomegranate Martini
(made with Van Gogh Pomegranate Vodka)

Course 1:  Van Gogh Wild Appel Vodka

Crafted from barely ripe green apples grown in the Netherlands, the flavor, reminiscent of Granny Smith apples, is crisp and intense with a refreshing sour backbone. A soft touch of vanilla provides good balance.

Food Pairing: Spinach Salad with Walnuts, Cranberries, Feta Cheese, & Bacon, Topped with an Apple Vinegarette infused with Van Gogh Wild Appel Vodka.

Course 2:  Van Gogh Citroen Vodka

A zesty combination of ripe lemons and limes—fresh and playful on the palate.  The flavor is fresh and intense with a touch of bitterness from the rinds, providing a good balance and making this a wonderfully versatile selection for mixing.  The finish is clean yet strong.

Food Pairing: Fettuccine & Asparagus Pasta with a lemon cream sauce, infused with Van Gogh Citroen Vodka.

Course 3:  Van Gogh Mango Vodka

Our Mango flavor originates from Indonesia and imports a typical mango taste.  This is a delicate an exotic fruit that has refined notes of orange, cucumber, and herbs, making the flavor highly aromatic, full and round.  Smooth with a long finish that lingers on the palate.

Food Pairing: Fresh Tilapia, Topped with a Fresh Mango Salsa, Infused with Van Gogh Mango Vodka.

Course 4: Van Gogh Black Cherry Vodka

We use black cherries from the United States because of the ripe, fresh cherry flavor.  Highly aromatic, the black cherry also has some tannin which adds a refined touch of bitterness to the cherry’s sweet and fresh flavor.

Food Pairing: Grilled Filet Strips, Served Over Potato Hash with Caramelized Onion Jam and Black Cherry demi glaze, infused with Van Gogh Black Cherry Vodka.

Course 5: (Caramel, Double Espresso & Vanilla Vodkas)

Van Gogh Dutch Caramel Vodka
A balance had to be found between the sweet burned sugar taste and creamy texture of the candy when creating our Dutch Caramel vodka. The taste is pure decadent caramel. Undertones of vanilla and chocolate are finished with caramel and coffee. We used the burned sugar to naturally color the vodka a rich shade of caramel.

Van Gogh Double Espresso Vodka
Crafted from the finest coffee beans, our master distiller artfully captured the brilliance of a skillfully roasted cup of espresso in our signature Van Gogh Double Espresso Vodka. There is a touch of bitterness, but the taste is very smooth due to the burned sugar used in the blend. The Colombian beans are significant and noticeable, providing a great roasted aroma with a touch of sweetness from caramel.

Van Gogh Vanilla Vodka
Vanilla originally grown near the equator provides this vodka with a genuine vanilla taste. Exotic yet comforting aromas are complemented by a pure vanilla flavor that is decadent and long lasting.

Food Pairing: Chocolate Espresso Tart, Infused with Van Gogh Double Espresso Vodka with Vanilla Whipped Cream, infused with Van Gogh Vanilla Vodka and Drizzled with Van Gogh Dutch Caramel Vodka.

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